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Hope you like my stories.
You can read the beguinning of every stories, and if you like it you can buy the e-books and read all.
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About Nilla
Erotiska noveller

Nilla is a young horny bisexual girl.
On this page you can read about her erotic adventures.
She has a certain attraction to older men, but also girls.
She gets horny to show off her female attributes and let unknown men see glimpses of them. She likes to experiment and explore her sex life.


Nillas Erotic Adventures 1
Contains the following stories:
01. The Summer Guest
02. Blind Date
03. My Math Teacher
04. Babysitter
05. Pasta
06. School Journey
07. Home Alone
08. King
09. Agnes
10. School Nurse

E-book 2 is available with the adventures below.

  • 01. The American Car

  • 02. Johanna

  • 03. The Farmer

  • 04. Gina´s Father

  • 05. The Campground

  • 06. The Masseur

  • 07. The Crayfish Party

  • 08. The Canoe Tour

  • 09. The New Car

  • 10. Uncle Anders

  • 11. Jogging

  • 12. The Banana

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