9. Agnes

There is a cute girl not far from me who usually go with the same school bus as me. Her name is Agnes and she is fourteen years old and is in eighth grade. We've talked a bit sometimes but not exactly spent time together. I'm a few years older and have seen her as a child, but in recent years she has blossomed and become really sexy.

Now I had not seen her in the school bus for over a week, but then I heard that she broke the foot.

At Friday, the phone rang and it was Agnes.

- Hi Nilla, she said.

- Hi Agnes, I said, what about the foot?

- Not so good, she said. It is in plaster.

- So you have to be calm, I said.

- Yes that's right, she said. My parents are going out tonight and It´s hard for me to look after my younger siblings. I thought maybe you could come over if you don´t have anything else to do.

- Yes, I guess I can, I said. My boyfriend will not come tonight.

- Take your nightgown, you can sleep here too, she said.

- Ok, I will come in a few hours, I said and hung up.


Then I told my parents where I was going and showered and dressed me.

Agnes has a brother who is five years old and a three years old sister, Gustav and Lovisa.


When I got there Agnes mom opened. Her name is Vivan and is beautiful as Agnes.

- Hi Nilla, she said. Good you can help Agnes with the children.

- No problem, I said.

- You will get paid, said Agnes father.

His name is David and looks not so bad. Pretty sexy butt, I thought where he bent down and put on the shoes.

- That's not necessary, I said.

- Of course you will, he said. Do you sleep here tonight?

- Yes, I do, I said.

- Then we make up tomorrow, he said. The bed in the guest room is ready.

Then they left.


Gustav and Lovisa ran around and screaming and Agnes just shook her head as she sat on the couch with the plastered foot on a stool.

- Do you regret it, she asked, pointing to the siblings.

- No, I have been a babysitter before, I said.

Agnes was dressed in a tight top and slacks with zippers in the legs. I could see her bra through the thin fabric of the shirt. She is blond with pretty short hair, beautiful blue eyes and a cheeky little nose. She awakens feelings in me, but she is certainly not interested in girls, I thought. And she's so young so I will probably have to keep my fingers in control.


Agnes watched while I played with her younger siblings. It was pretty wild at times so I had to sit beside her and take a breather sometimes. I had to take off my shirt so I only had a tank top on me. Once I lay down, with my head in Agnes kneeling on a whim. Then she caressed my cheek and I saw that she looked down at my nipples that were bulging through the fabric.

Eventually it was time for the children to sleep and Agnes said she would be with Lovisa until she fell asleep if I could stay with Gustav. Agnes jumped away at the crutches while I helped Gustav to brush his teeth. Then I read from a book he gave me, and after five minutes he was asleep.

I went back and sat on the couch in front of the TV and after a while Agnes came hopping and sat down beside me.

- It soon begins a romantic movie, she said. Shall we see it?

- Yes please, I said.

The film was about a young girl who met a married man, and it became a part hassles. There were some hot sex scenes and you could see the girl naked and I felt that I was horny.

- What a beautiful body she has, I said.

- Yes, really, she said. As nice as yours.

- Have you seen my, I wondered.

- Yep, in the bath, she said.

- Ok thanks, I said. You also seems to got a nice body.

She smiled at me and we proceeded to check the film. Suddenly we saw the door was pulled up to the room were the two lovers was and a figure with a knife rushed into. Both I and Agnes jumped and she grabbed my arm and squeezed hard. So I took her hand in mine and we sat and held hands the rest of the movie. Sometimes we cuddled a bit with our fingers and it made me so horny.

After the movie was over, we started talking and soon the conversation drifted into some personal stuff and sex. She was curious and asked how it was to have sex with a guy.

- Do you masturbate, I asked.

- Mm, she mumbled.

- Have you used anything to put in, I wandered.

- Yes, she said.

- Then you know about the way it feels when a cock penetrates though it's still different. Dick's warm and comfortable, and they spray.

- Ok, she said with red cheeks.

She's horny, I thought.

- What do you use as dildo, I wondered.

- I have a round perfume bottle, she said. Sometime I have used a carrot, she said then, blushing.

- Those things I also used in the beginning, I said, but now I have a dildo with vibrator.

- Cool, she said.

- Do you get orgasm, I wondered.

- Yes most of the time, she said. I can't believe I dare to talk about this with you, she continued.

- It's cozy, I said. I get horny.

- Hihi, I too, she said.

Then we sat in silence for a while and just cuddled with each others fingers. I noticed that she was thinking about something and she made several attempts to say something.

- Do you get mad if I ask one thing, she asked finally.

- Of course I don’t, I said. What is it?

- I wonder if I can see your tits, she said, blushing.

- Sure, I said. But maybe we should go into your room.


She jumped prior to her room and I went by and checked out her tight round ass. She sat down on the bed and I sat down beside her while I pulled the linen. Then I turned my back to her and asked her to remove my bra, and then I turned to her.

- Oh so beautiful, she said.

- Do you want to touch, I asked.

- Mm, she said.

A little doubtful she put her hand over my left breast and hugged and immediately the nipple became hard against her palm.

- Can I see yours now, I wondered.

- But they're so ugly, she said.

- I think not, I said.

- Ok, look, she said as she pulled the shirt and bra.

Her breasts were about the same size as mine but a little more cheeky. The areolas were a little swollen and nipples were quite small.

- They are very nice, I said while I caressed one with my hand.

They were very solid, it felt like hugging the mud, but it was nice to feel the little nipple become hard.

- You really think so, she wondered. My nipples are so weird.

- It is only because you are so young, I said. They will change later.

- I hope they will look as yours, she said.

I smiled at her and kissed her on the mouth. Then she put her arms around my neck and pressed herself hard against me and we both started to breathe fast while we nibbled at each other's lips. I stroked her back and down the thighs before I pulled me down and pulled the zipper down the side of her pants all the way up, and then the other leg so I could throw them away.

Now she started pulling on my pants so I got up and pulled them off, before I crawled into bed and lay beside her.