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4. Babysitting


It was a Friday night my father got a call.

 "Hello, Arne.”, he said. "I´m sure she will. You may talk to her. She sits next to me.”

I took the phone and said hello.

 "Hey Nilla. Want to earn a little money?”

 "Sure, what should I do?”

 "Well, I'd promised to go to a meeting tonight, and my wife works the night. I would not like to leave the kids alone at home so it would be great if you could be with them until I get home.”

 "Sure I can.”

 "I will go in an hour.”

 "I can come right away because it's a program on TV I don’t want to miss.”

 "Good, and thanks in advance.”

Arne has an eleven-year son and a three years old daughter.

I took the bike and went away. Did not think of changing clothes. It had been a warm day, so I was dressed in only a blouse and skirt. Bra, I had forgotten as usual.

When I got there, little Lisa met me at the door. She took my hand and wanted to show me all her stuff. Mike also hung around with us. He was almost as long as I thought he was almost four years younger.

Then we sat in front of the TV, all three. After a while, Arne came out of the bedroom.

 "I'm going now. Feel like home Nilla. Now be nice to her, children.”

After an hour, Lisa fell asleep on the couch, so I lifted her and carried her to her room. Mike followed me and lifted my skirt, and checked my panties.

 "What are you doing? Just wait until I have my hands free. Then you´ll get back!”

After I put Lisa in bed, I rushed after Mikey. We struggled a bit for fun, but then we sat on the couch and relax. He tried to pull up the skirt on me several times, but I held it and took the opportunity to pinch him in the butt.

Then we watched a movie on TV until late.

 "It's probably best that you go to bed now”, I said.

 "Nah, I do not want it yet.”

 "Well, the clock's eleven.”

 "If I can see your boobs, I will go”, he said and giggled.

 "No, you're too young for that.”

 "I am almost as tall as you are.”

 "Do you promise that you go to bed then?”


So I started to unbutton my blouse, and he stared with interest at the opening.

I felt I was getting horny when I finally pulled apart my blouse.

 "Oh so nice”, he said.

I started to snap back when he interrupted me.

 "Wait, I did not really see. Again, please?”

 "Ok then.”

I opened my blouse again, and he came closer and sat down together with me.

 "Do you want to touch”, I asked.

 "Can I?”

He hesitated, but I took his hand and put it on the left breast.

 "You can hug a little if you want.”

He began to squeeze hard, so I had to tell him to be careful. My nipples had become stiff, so I told him to pinch a bit more cautious of them. It felt really nice, but then I thought he was only eleven years, so I pulled up my blouse and buttoned it.

 "Now you crawl into bed.”

 "Ok, thanks.”

It looked like he had an erection when he ran away. I thought, wondering if he masturbating yet. He is, after all, over eleven, and I started masturbating at the same age.

But then I turned down the sound on the TV and lay down on the couch, put my hand under my blouse, and massaged my breasts a little. Now I was really horny, so I stuck my other hand under my skirt and started to massage my pussy outside of my panties at first. But it was not enough, so I pulled down my panties and began to fondle me. My fingers slid easily into the wet slit. Stuck a few fingers and pulled them in and out faster and faster. Soon I felt that it was close, so I twirled my fingers around my clitoris. I almost screamed when I got an orgasm, but I clenched. Then I fell asleep.


I woke up when I heard someone whisper my name. When I opened my eyes, I saw Arne sitting on the edge of the table and smiling.

 "I see you had a good time”, he said.

Then I realized that I slept with my panties down and my hand between my legs.

I rushed up and pulled up my panties while I became red in the face. I felt terribly embarrassed.

 "No problem”, said Arne, ”I must admit that I sat and watched you for a while. You were so wonderfully sweet and sensual, where you were laying.”

 "Ok, I said shyly.”

I sat down again and tried to get rid of the redness on my face.

 "Nilla,” said Arne, ”I would like to ask you something.”

 "Ok”, I said.

 "Promise not to get mad at me”.

 "I promise.”

 "Well, I have a desire to watch when you caress yourself.”

 "No”, I said and giggled.

 "You could get a few hundred extras”, he said.

I just laughed a little nervously.

 "Nah, sorry, I'm so stupid. I'll fetch your money.”

While I waited, I thought about what he said and noticed that I got really horny at the thought that he would watch me masturbating.

When he came back, he gave me an extra hundred.

 "Where would you sit in that case”, I asked, smiling.





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