2. Blind date.


Beep, let my phone and I saw that I received a text message. It was the summer holidays and I was home alone and sunbathed topless. I had just finished the short summer job I had and did not have much to do.

I was surprised when I read the message that said like this: "Hello, I am a secret admirer."

"Who are you," I asked.

"I want to be discreet," he replied.

"Do I know you"

"No, we have never met but I've seen you many times"


"You are so cute and has such a beautiful body"

"Thank you"

"Your small breasts are wonderful"

What the heck, I thought. Can he see me? I looked away towards the woods but saw no one there.

"How do you know?", I wrote.

"I've seen you on the beach"

Well that is what many did. It tingled in me and I was horny when I thought of my secret admirer. Wonder how he looks.

"How do you look"

"You will see if we meet"

"I don´t dare"

I waited for a response but there came none. All day, I went and checked the phone and wondered who it could be. When I was in bed in the evening I stroked myself to orgasm while I fantasized that it was the guy who stroked.

The next morning when I've just woken the phone beep and I looked at the screen with excitement.

"Good morning you beautiful" it said.

"Good morning :)"

"How is this lovely girl today?"

"I just woke up"

"Are you naked?"


"Oh, what if I have been with thee "


"Would you wished that I fondled your breasts then"


"And kissed the nipples?"


"Stroked your sweet belly?"

"Sounds good"

"Between your legs?"


I was now really horny and was stroking my pussy that was soaking wet.

"If you knew how hard I am now," he wrote.

"I am really wet"

"If I were there I would lick you until you cum"

"Ohh I should cum quickly"

"Then penetrated you with my hard thing"

"Is it big?"

"Not so very large, fairly normal"

"So good"

"Do you feel it move in you?"

Now I began to shake and cum in a glorious orgasm.


"Did you came?"

"Yeah, you?"

It took a few minutes before the next SMS.

"Now I squirted all over my stomach”


"Don´t you want to experience it in real life?"

"I don´t know"

"I promise I'm not dangerous"


"A few hundred yards away from where you live is a little forest road"

"I know"

"Can we meet at the end of it tomorrow?"

"I will think about it”

"I'll wait for you there at eleven"


Then no more messages came on all day but I was thinking about him and decided to meet him.

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