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4. Gina´s Father

I have a school friend as called Gina. We are not top friends but sometimes we has socialized. I like her dad as always been kind against me when I been on visit. Gina and her dad live alone after that her mother moved far away after she met an other man. I did not understand how she could leave an such stylish and kind husband.

Now I will tell you about one time I and some friends met home at Gina and had fun. We went to a disco and dance to midnight before we went back. I would sleep over for I had none that could take me home, while the other was taking home by their parents.

We had drunk some beer and I was horny and giggly after we went to sleep. I lay on an mattress on the floor in Gina’s room and after we said goodnight I was thinking of her breast I saw a glimpse of before she drug on her nightgown. I dared not creep close to her. Instead i was laying and caressed myself under the blanket.

Soon heard she sleep deeply but I could not sleep as I stalked out and sat down at the toilet and caressed my pussy.

Suddenly the door opened and I saw Gina’s daddy dazed and completely nude stand and staring at me.

- Oh, sorry, he said and backed out and closed the door.

I sat astonish and ashamed for that he seen what I did.

- Can´t you come in to me when you are finish, I heard him whisper by door.

Then it was silent and I washed hands and flush the toilet. When I came out it was empty but the door to the dads bedroom was on ajar. I hesitated but soon took curiosity over and I stalked into his room. There was dark but I loomed him in bed and when he saw me he lifted the blanket and moved himself.

- Lay down here, he said.

I crept down in to the hot bed while he went out. I was nervous and quivered a little where I lay and listening how it rippled and then flushed at the bathroom. He came back and closed door as it was almost pitch-dark and I felt him lay down beside me.

- You are so beautiful Nilla, he whispered and put his arm around my waist.

I was paralyzed while he kissed me on my shoulder and caressed my arm up and down. But I felt I was very horny and and quivered a little.

- Do you freezes, he wondered and put up the blanket to my chin.

- No, I said with trembling voice.

- I will warm you, he said, and I snickered.

He was nude and now I felt his cock stiffen against my thighs......

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