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7. Home alone

Now I'll tell you about a day in the summer when I was home alone. My boyfriend and my friends were busy, and my parents worked. The only person who was nearby was our neighbor, who cut grass and woke me up from a lovely dream. I was terribly horny when I woke up, and I remembered parts of the dream, where I had sex with several men.

I felt sweaty when I got up and longed for a shower. It was very hot in the house and even warmer outside, but I opened the window in my room wide open, so a wind swept into the room.

 In the shower, I could not help but fondle myself, but I stopped before I came. Thought to save it for later. I had the whole day for me to do sexy things.

I did not bother to get dressed after a shower and ate breakfast outside on the patio without a stitch of clothing. The neighbor could not see on our patio, but it was still nerve-racking sitting there naked when he was working just a few feet away. I ate some cereal with yogurt, and suddenly I spilled yogurt on one of my breasts. It felt good when I removed it with my fingers so I started to lubricate the nipple, and immediately it became stiff and sensitive. It must be a channel from the nipples down to the pussy, because when I caress nipples, I always get wet in the pussy.

Then I dipped a finger in the yogurt, anointed the second nipple, and enjoyed it before I took a big piece of yogurt, and put it at the labia. I massaged and spun my fingers on the clitoris, and I moaned loudly. But I stopped before I got an orgasm. Not yet, I thought.

The mower had stopped, but I heard he raked a bit away. Wonder if he heard my moans, I thought.

I glanced back and saw him standing with his back to me so I went out on the lawn and then rushed back when he was on his way to turn. I did so a few times, and I do not think he saw anything. But it was exciting, and it made me even hornier.

The neighbor called Martin and is about forty years, but looked pretty fresh where he went in just shorts. When I went to brush my teeth, I started fantasizing about his cock. When I was done, I sat on the toilet and put the shaft of the toothbrush against my pussy, and pushed it in and out. But it was too small so I did not feel much. I wondered what I could use as a dildo, so I went into my room and look for something appropriate. I had some stuff I've used before, but today I felt for something substantial. Something that could correspond to Martin's cock bulge under the shorts, that looked great.

I found nothing suitable but began to think about vegetables. Maybe there is a cucumber in the fridge. I found only half a cucumber, but then I found a huge carrot that I washed clean under the tap.

I took a knife and a bowl to my room, sat on the edge of the bed, and began to shape it.

Suddenly I saw the window open in the neighbor's house, and I saw Martin looking out. I sat motionless, for I was still naked, but I had anyway, the bowl in my lap. Then he was gone, and I was considering closing my window, but it felt so exciting to be discovered, so I let it be.

My bed stands broadside against the wall opposite the window to where I sat on the edge, I saw right into their living room, and if he looked at me, he would see me from the front.

I had to dry myself between the legs with the towel I brought from the kitchen because I felt it flowing from my pussy.

Now, I continued to sculpt the carrot and had made a small helmet in the lead, but it was too rough on the other end, so I peeled it until I thought it could go. When I looked up, I saw a movement inside the neighbor's, but then it was gone.

Then I put the bowl on the floor, walked over to my dresser, which stood near the window, and looked up a jar of skin cream. I stood there for a moment, bulged with the butt, and wondered if Martin peered at me.

Should I dare to put myself on the bed and use the carrot, I thought.

But I was so damn horny that I could not think clearly, so I sat down as before, and when I looked at their window, I saw him disappear behind the curtain.

With a good dab of the moisturizer, I started lubricating the carrot carefully. It had been hot from my treatment and felt almost like a dick. My hand slid around and jerked the carrot before I put the tip of one nipple and rotated around, so it became rigid. My legs were spread out more, and if he looked now, he would see my shaved pussy.

I repeated the message on my other nipple before I pulled it down my stomach and then pulled it back and forth over her pussy. At the same time, I saw Martin far into the room, naked and with an erection. I could see him stroke his cock slowly as he stared at me.

Then let go of all inhibitions I had left, and I put one foot up on the edge of the bed and opened my pussy wide open. At the same time, I saw him coming closer and closer to the window.

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