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11. Jogging

Since I moved in with my guy I look for a new place to jog on. Luckily there was a lighted trails not far from the apartment building where we live. My guy working out with the football team so he would not go out and jog as well, so I have to jog by myself. I jog around half an hour to forty five minutes three nights a week and what I'll tell you now it came out in late summer, and it was getting darker in the evenings. Sometimes I thought it was creepy for the lights set sparsely, and between them, it was quite dark.

One evening I met an older man in the track that greeted cheerfully and disappeared. Next lap, I met him again and then he stopped and cried.

- I think you're running in the wrong direction.

I also stopped and puffed a bit before I responded.

- Could it be that you're running in the wrong direction, I said and smiled.

- It could be, but I'm the oldest so I must be right, he said and laughed.

- Ok, then I turn, I said.

When I ran away, I heard him running a bit behind. He is checking my butt, I thought, and it tingled in me. But after a while he came up alongside and we started talking. Though it was a bit monosyllabic because we were both pretty breathless. He said that he had seen me there before and was wondering how often I ran. I told her I was jogging three times a week and he said he did that too when he had time. When we got to the starting point, I stopped and said it was enough.

- Well I am satisfied now, he said.

- It's getting a little scary to jog here now when it has become so dark in the evenings, I said.

- We can always jog together, he said.

- Only you are not a rapist, I said.

- No, you can trust that I'm not, he said.

- Good, I said.

- Though you have a great butt, he said and laughed.

- Thank you, I said and smiled.

- I will jog at Wednesday at this time, he said. Come on if you want company.

I felt safe with him, and promised to come. He shouted behind me when I went to the bike and pulled on a jacket.

- What is your name?

- Nilla, I cried.

- Per, he shouted and waved when I went away.

I thought of Per on the way home and was glad that I met him. Now I would not be so scared next time.

When I would go and jog the next time I told my boyfriend that I would be joined on the round.

- As well, he said. Is it a girl friend ?

- No it is an older man who I met last time, I said.

- Do you trust him, he wondered.

- Yes, he seemed quite ok, I said. And then he is so old.

- Can he keep up with you then, he wondered.

- Yes, he ran at the same pace as me, I said.

- You do have your mobile with you, he asked.

I pointed to my arm where I had a retainer with the cell phone in before I kissed him and headed out.

When I got to the start area, Per was waited among several cars and bicycles.

- Hello, Nilla, he said, and lit up.

- Hey, I said. A lot of people here today.

- Yes, but we'll probably get place, he said, and pulled off his pants and jacket and he stood in shorts and t-shirt.

It was still light outside so now I saw for the first time exactly how he looked. He was almost completely white-haired but it suited him. His lips were plump and beautiful blue eyes were full of laugh lines. I could see of the body that he was quite old and I guessed at almost sixty. It looked as if he had been practicing for a long time it seemed, no fat or potbelly.

I also took of my coveralls and had tight shorts and a tank top with no bra underneath. He looked appreciatively at me before we started jogging on the trail.

- Is this the right pace, he wondered.

- Perfect, I said, while a bunch of guys stormed past us.

- They were in a hurry, he said.

I laughed and stumbled.

- Careful, he said.

But at the second lap, I stumbled again and fell to ground. But I did not hit me for the municipality had laid on wood chips and it was quite soft to land on. Per helped me up and brushed off my knees, and when he saw that my linen was dirty brushed him there as well and I felt his hand touch my breasts.

- Sorry, he said, embarrassed.

- Do not worry, I said and smiled. Come on.

I ran away with him after but he was soon caught up and we ran in silence. After we finished jog and I did some stretching, I saw that he was watching me. When I looked at him, he looked away immediately and began to stretch. Then we stood and talked for a while so I started to freeze.

- Do you freeze, he wondered.

- Yes, a little, I said. How did you know.

Then he pointed to my breast and I saw that the nipples stiffened.

- Busted, I said and laughed.

- But it looks fine, he said.

After a while, we parted and went in opposite directions after we decided the time for the next workout.

I really longed for next time because I had such a nice time together with Per and when it was time, I felt a little tingling. I start getting horny at him, I thought.

He sat and waited this time too and he waved when he saw me get on the bike.

- Hi Nilla, he said. It's hot tonight.

- Hey, I said. Yeah I'm almost sweaty already.

- But we can not run naked, he said.

- No, at least not when there are others here, I said, and laughed.

We jogged off and I was sweating profusely and after the second lap we stopped and gasped. We saw that we were left alone for just my bike and his car remained in the parking lot.

- Now it is no other here, he said, laughing.

- So you're going to jog naked, I wondered with a grin.

- No, I dare not do it, he said. Do you dare?

- I don´t know, I said

- I bet you five hundred that you don't dare, he said.

- Easy money, I said and ran away.

He followed and was soon caught up and when we got into the densest woods, I stopped and pulled off the linen.

- Is it ok like this, I asked and turned to him.

- Wow, he said. What great looking breasts. But we said naked.

- Ok, I said and pulled off my shorts.

Then I pulled down my panties and gave him the clothes before I ran away.

- How long do I have to run naked, I asked when he caught up.

- You can stop now, he said. I want to see you.

When I stopped, I did some poses for him before I took my clothes and started to get dressed. At the same time, I saw that it buckled tremendously in his shorts.


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