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2. Johanna


It was the first real day of summer and I was home alone. It was eleven o'clock in the morning and I had just eaten breakfast. My parents were at work and would not come home for a long time.

I arranged music and a little reading on the patio because I thought sunbathing. Just as I put on my bikini and toke the sun-lotion, the phone rang. It was Johanna who wondered if we could do something together.

- I was just about to sunbathe, I said.

- Can´t you sunbathe with me then, asked Johanna.

- It is better you come here, I said. Our patio is secluded so we can sunbathe topless.

- Okay, I will come in twenty minutes.

I thought of Johanna, who is really cute and sexy and a good friend. I have often felt that I wanted to hug and kiss her but was afraid because she might get mad at me then. I'm bisexual, but she has not shown any signs of it. Though sometimes I have imagined that she checked out my boobs. In any case, I felt tingly and horny when I thought of seeing her almost naked.

She came after half an hour wearing a short skirt and tank top, and she had colored her hair in a lovely red color.

- You look beautiful, I said.

- Thanks, you too, she said.

We went out onto the patio, where we have forest on the back and plants or fences on the sides so the neighbors can´t see into. I put on a CD with music I knew that she also like. She took off her skirt and tank top and lay down beside me on the blanket that I put on the porch floor.

- Should we sunbathe topless, I asked.

- Yes we can do that, she said. Can you unbutton my bra?

That she did not have to ask twice and after I loosened hers, I turned my back so she could untie my. She has gorgeous breasts, a little bigger than mine which is quite small. Otherwise, we are quite similar in physique.

- I have sun lotion here, I said. Should I anoint your back?

- Yes, please, she said.

She lay down on her stomach and I started at the shoulders and went down to panty edge.

- I'll take the legs too, I said and crouched down.

- Mm, she said.

So I started at the left foot and went upwards. When I was on the thigh, I saw the outline of her pussy lips through the fabric, and it made me more horny. I went as far as I dared at the thighs but on the next leg, I happened to bump against her pussy a little as she winced.

- Oh sorry, I said.

- Don´t worry, she said, and laughed.

- Now it´s clear, I said. Should I take the front too?

- Ok, she said and turned around.

She smiled at me, but then she closed her eyes and waited.

I was now on her stomach and got up between her breasts out of her shoulders. Then I took more oil and massaged into the breasts, and felt the nipples stiffened. I could not help to cuddled with her nipples for a while.

- So nice hands you have, she said and sighed.

I knew now that I was wet between the legs, thinking that it will appear on the panties that I'm horny.

I had to fight against for not bend down and kiss her nipples. But then I started at the front of the legs instead. When I carefully smeared thighs right up to the edge panty, I slapped her on her pussy and said it was ready.

- Too bad, she said, and smiled. It was so nice.

- Want me to rub you now, she asked.

- Yes, I said as I lay on my stomach.

It was so nice to feel her soft hands massaging sun lotion on my back. Did she lingered long on my buttocks but maybe I imagined. She was careful when she was at the back of the thighs and did not touch my pussy, though I wished it.

- So now you can turn, she said.

I turned around and closed my eyes when she started at the shoulders, and walked quickly across the breasts down on my stomach.

- I think you missed a bit here, I said, pointing at the nipples.

She giggled a bit but started massaging the breasts thoroughly and ran her fingers over the nipples, which immediately became stiff, and then she pinched a little at them.

- Oh so nice, I sighed.

- Is it enough now, asked Johanna.

- Yes, but it was really nice, I said.

- I can continue a little later if you want. But first I'll take the legs.

I was so terribly horny and had let my legs drift apart, and when she was massaging the thighs, I was sure she saw a wet spot on my panties. I longed that she would touch my pussy, but she stopped just before on the thighs.

- Finished, she said, and drew a finger across my damp panties, while she laughed a little embarrassed.

- Should we bask a little now?

- Ok, I said and lay down on my stomach.

She lay down on her stomach also with me and I felt her hand brush against mine. Then I put my hand over her and nuzzled her fingers, and soon she nuzzled back. It was so exciting to feel her fingers gently tickling my palm.

- Whew, it was very hot here, she said after a while.

- Yes, I'll get something to drink, I said.

Out in the kitchen, I found some Coke in the fridge. When I came back I saw that she turned on her back. I stopped in the doorway and I stood and admired her body for a long time. She was as beautiful as she lay there with the red hair spread out around her head.

In the end, I resolved from the spell and went forward with a bottle to her. She rose on her elbow and took a few sips, then she lay back down and closed her eyes. I got a whim when I saw a small pit in her stomach where her belly button was, and poured some cola there.

- Aaahh, what are you doing, she screamed. It 's freezing.

- Sorry, I said, leaned forward and slurped me and licked navel clean.

When I looked at her face I saw a big smile on his face.

I remained at the side and leaned my head in my hand and looked at her while I stroked her arm as she had lying along the body. After a moment, she grabbed my hand and pulled it up on her stomach, and dropped it there. I understood that she wanted me to caress her, so I patted her lightly on the stomach........

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