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8. King

One day in the summer holidays, Mom said they would visit my aunt, who lived two hundred km away, and my grandparents would go with them. They would be away in three days.

"You want to come,” she wondered.

"No I would not”, I said.

"Grandfather is wondering if you can take care of King in the meantime if you are going to stay at home”, my mother said.

"Gladly”, I said.

"Grandpa says you get along so well”, she said.

"Yes, he likes me”, I said.

"So I tell him to bring King here.”

It was a Thursday they would go, and Grandma and Grandpa came early in the morning. I was asleep but woke up when King jumped up in my bed and licked my face. I threw my arms around his furry neck and hugged him. Then he jumped down and examined every corner. I got up, got dressed, and went out to visit Grandma and Grandpa. My grandfather gave me a leash and a bag of dog food and showed me how much food he should have each day.

"So, I hope you take a long walk every day”, he admonished.

"Oh yeah, I will”, I said.

"I feel calm when you take care of him”, he said.

So they went, and I put a leash on King and walked away. King is a German shepherd, over ten years old.

The first time I met him, I was scared, and I remember I started crying. I was only 5 years old, and he was a frisky puppy that jumped on me. But later, we have become best friends, and every time I visit, he comes to lie beside me with his head on my lap.

Now we had come all the way to my friend Anna's house, and I saw that she was out on the patio.

"Hi Anna,” I cried. ”Come and see.”

"Have you got a dog”, she said when she came running.

"No it's my grandfather's, but I'll take care of him for a few days”, I said.

She patted and cuddled with King for a while, but then I felt that I was hungry. I had not eaten breakfast yet.

"Do you want to go out and walk with him tomorrow”, I asked.

"Yes please”, she said.

"I'll see you tomorrow”, I said. ”I have to go home and eat breakfast now.”

When we got home, I ate a little before I put on the bikini and went to the patio for sunbathing. King lay in the shade, but when I anointed sunscreen on my stomach, he came and licked where I anointed.

"No King, stop”, I said and pushed him away.

Then he went back to the shade, but when I took off my bra and smeared suntan lotion on my breasts, he came trotting and swept his tongue over my breasts before I could stop him. I shivered with pleasure, and my nipples stiffened immediately, but I pushed him away, and he went to the corner again.

I lay for a moment and thought about how nice it was when he licked the nipples, and after a while, I opened the bottle of oil and rubbed my breasts again. I saw that he sniffed, but he dared not come.

"You can come”, I said.

And immediately he came and began to lick my breasts, and I moaned in pleasure. This time I let him go on, and I saw nipples standing straight out when he finished. It was so nice, so I poured on more oil, and immediately he started to lick again. I moaned loudly and felt I got wet in the pussy, and apparently, King felt it. He stopped licking my breasts and began to sniff at my crotch, and began to lick my panty. But then I pushed him away and turned around, and he went back to the shade.

In the afternoon we took another walk before we sat in front of the TV. He lay beside me on the couch, with his head in my lap. When I finish watching the program, I took a shower, and then I put on just panties and a long t-shirt and sat down at the computer. As soon as I logged on to messenger, it beep, and my boyfriend called. I told him that I would be a pet sitter for a few days, so I could not get to him.

He was horny and wanted cyber, and I was still horny after what happened on the patio, so I agreed. We talked about what we wanted to do with each other while we stroked ourselves. I pulled off my t-shirt and fondled my breasts as my nipples became stiff before I started stroking me between the legs outside my panties. I was very excited and felt that my panties were wet, and I wrote that to him. He wrote that I would take them off and rub my wet pussy, and I did. I slid into the chair and pressed a finger into me while I closed my eyes and thought of his cock. I was breathing heavily and felt the orgasm building up when I felt a nose against my hand. It was King who slipped in between my legs

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