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3. My Math Teacher


I always long for math lessons. But not because I like math, only for the teacher's sake.

I'm in love with him and I get wet just he looks at me. Often, I run to the bathroom and masturbate after class.

I have had to learn math but my teachers are helpful and are always trying to explain it to me. But I have difficulty concentrating as he leans over me. I only think of if he would touch me, and I shudder when I sometimes feel his hand on my back.

One day I put on a really low-cut shirt, the kind that hangs loosely, which really needs a top underneath. At recess before class, I went to the bathroom and took off my bra.

My breasts are small and pretty firm so it is barely noticeable that I´m without if I don´t wear anything tight.

After a while in the lesson, I asked the teacher for help. I tried to find a position where he could get free vision down into the neckline. I was so excited that I almost trembled. I noticed that he glanced down as he showed how to solve a problem. Then I took my copybook and wrote, "DO YOU SEE?", With a trembling hand.

Then he took my pen and wrote, "SO SWEET". Then he gave me the pen and squeezed my hand when someone else called him. I glanced at his crotch and saw it was bulging more than usual.

After class, when we come out of the room, I told my friends that I forgot something and ran back.

I closed the door behind me and walked up to the teacher who put down books in his bag.

I said nothing, just took his hand and placed it over one of my breasts. He let his hand be left and squeezed a little. Then I gave him a quick kiss and ran out. Afterward, at the toilet, I got a lovely orgasm.


I met him a few days later outside the school. No one else was around so I hugged him.

 "Not here”, he said, and went into a port.

I followed, and when he checked, so no one was around, he took me by the shoulders and looked me right in the eyes.

 "This is insane, but I've thought of your gorgeous breasts since last”.

 "Do you want to feel more of them”, I asked.

 "I can´t”, he said. ”I can lose my job if anyone finds out about it”.

 "But no one needs to know about it”, I said.

 "It is very tempting”, he said. ”You are a very sweet and sexy girl. Do you have a Hotmail address?”

 "Yes”, I said and wrote it down on a piece of paper.

 "Thank you”, he said. ”I'll write you if it becomes an opportunity for us to meet”.

Then he gave me a kiss on the forehead and ran away.


Every day, I opened my mail with excitement but there was nothing from him, until one day two weeks later.

He wrote, "Do you know of a forest not far from where you live, where there is an old barn in the woods?"

I replied that I knew the place well. There is no roof left on the barn, but the walls are left.

Surely I knew it, it was there that I lost my virginity last year to a neighbor's son. It was not successful, so I will not write anything about that.

He wrote back, "Maybe we could meet there on Tuesday when you finish earlier. I am also free that day. Can you get there at two pm? "

I replied that I would be there then.

On Monday night I went there with some blankets. The door was so firmly roasted that it was just I could open, but with a stick, I got it up a bit so I could pull it up with my hands. Once inside, I found a place where I spread out the blankets.

I was so horny when I thought of what would happen, so I lay down and masturbated until I came in a nice orgasm.

Then I went home and that night I dreamed that he kissed and caressed me. I woke up by the alarm clock in the morning with my pussy so wet, so there was a wet spot on the sheet after I went up.

The day of school was slow and my friends were wondering what was wrong with me.

 "You are so absent today”, she said.

 "I'm just so tired”, I said.

When the bell rang for lunch, I told them that I was in a hurry home because we were going away, and I cycled quickly home and showered and put on a skirt and T-shirt, but nothing underneath.

I walked through the woods on a trail and soon I arrived at the barn. As I approached I saw him peeking in the door, and when he saw me, he pushed the door open. As soon as I arrived, he closed the door and turned towards me.


Continye in e-book 1...


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