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6. School Journey

Now I'll tell you about our recent school trip. We would ride the bus to Copenhagen with a class from another school. I knew one of the leaders of our school, our delicious math teacher that I have been horny on for a long time. Moreover, a female teacher, that was quite nice, come along.

I felt tingly when I woke up early in the morning and would choose clothes. It became tights with a mini skirt and a top, that was a little wide, with a deep neckline. The bra I put in my purse before I put on my hoodie and pulled up the zipper to the chin.

Dad shouted that I must hurry, so I took the bag and went to the kitchen where I got a yogurt before we went to the meeting place outside of school. I kissed my father on the cheek after he told me to be careful before I went to my buddies.

When the bus arrived, everybody rushed forward to find good seats, but I took it easy. I wanted to sit near the teachers, so I was among the last who entered. I saw that the first four seats to the right of the driver were reserved for teachers. On the first seat on the left sat Sophie, a bit fat girl who was often bullied. I thought I could sit there so she doesn´t will feel alone, and I would be just next to the teachers.

"Is it available here”, I asked her.

"Yes, she said”, and lit up.

I knew she liked me because I had noticed that she used to sit and look at me on the sly. Probably she was bisexual as I was. I usually feel when someone is sexually attracted to me.

Soon teachers came in and sat down, and I was disappointed when the math teacher sat at the front. Then we went to the other school where the bus was filled with screaming youngsters. I was pleasantly surprised when one of their teachers got into the nearest seat, across the aisle. He was tall and handsome, and he had a lovely butt. I saw it when he stood up and put his jacket on the parcel shelf. On the window seat, sat an elderly teacher in his 50s, who was also from the other school.

When we started the journey, my math teacher got up and spoke about what to expect. I took the opportunity to pull down the zipper on my jacket and open up. I saw he glanced down into my neck sometimes, but then he sat down.

It was getting hot, so I took off my jacket and pretended to drop it in the aisle. While I bent forward to take it up, the tall teacher opposite quickly stretched his hand and took the jacket. For a moment, he looked straight into my shirt, and he froze before he gave it to me.

"Thank you”, I said and smiled at him.

"Daniel, he said”, and held out his hand.

"Nilla”, I said. ”And this is Sophie.”

I pointed at her and he waved to her.

"This is Steve”, he said, pointing at the older man next to him.

He waved, and we waved back. Then we sat back and put on mp3 players, for listening to music.

Though occasionally, I glanced at Daniel, and I noticed that he glanced at me sometimes. It took a while until it suddenly slammed beside me. I saw that Daniel lost his book, so I bent down to pick it up, and when I got up and handed it to him, he stiffened again and stared down into the opening of my shirt. He turned and looked almost a little embarrassed.

Then Sophie picked at me and wondered why she not, could change the sound on her mp3. I leaned toward her and showed, but she did not answer. When I looked up at her, I saw that she was staring down at my breast, but tore his eyes away suddenly. Eventually, she realized how she would do but leaned toward me and whispered in my ear.

"You don´t wear a bra.”

"I have it in my purse”, I whispered in her ear.

"So good, I need a bra for my bombs, she whispered”, and we giggled.

"What are you giggling about”, I heard Daniel say.

"Nothing important”, I said and laughed.



When we crossed the bridge, the older teacher stood up and talked about how we would stay at a hostel outside Copenhagen. We would eat lunch there and then choose beds. Later we would go by bus to the amusement park.

As he stood there and talked, I took the opportunity to lean forward so he could see down into my neck, and I noticed that he stumbled. Before he sat down again, he looked at me, with a puzzled look.

I thought maybe he was angry, so I felt a little embarrassed.

Soon we arrived at the hostel, and everyone took their bags and went inside. There was a Danish girl who started talking, but no one understood. But Steve did apparently, and he took over and was talking about where the boy's dormitory was, and then the girl showed us our room. I seized the first best bed nearest the door. It was a bunk, but the upper bed was empty, and I was grateful for that. It can be difficult to sleep if someone moves above.

Then we went to the dining room for dinner. Meanwhile, Steve told us that it was toilets in the corridor, but the showers were in the basement.

"If you are going to take a shower, so do not wait too long because the bus to the amusement park does not wait”, he said.

"Let's go and check the showers”, I said to Sophie and the other girls at our table.

So when we finished eating, we went down to the basement and inspected. There was a room with a sauna and several open showers. And another room with many showers with curtains that protected against transparency. In the middle of the room, was a wall that separated the girls and boys.

"I'll wait until tomorrow”, I said, and the others agreed.

While we waited for the bus, I wondered if I would put the bra on, but I ignored it.

On the way to the amusement park, Daniel dropped his stuff on the floor, and I helped to pick it up. The whole time I was leaning forward, his eyes were glued to my breasts. I understood that he wanted to check if I was still without a bra. When I looked at his face, it looked like he was blushing, but it was perhaps the horniness. I also felt that it was hot in the cheeks.

Before we went into the park, my math teacher said that we would gather at the entrance at eleven o'clock, because the bus will go back then.

Then we waited at the gate while the teachers got the tickets. In the beginning, we walked around and looked before my friends wanted to go to all the attractions. I did not go for things that go around, because I usually get sick of it, so I waited while they went.

I do not know if I secreted horniness because I had a bunch of guys from the other school around me all the time. But it was good because I was offered a bit of everything. I was shooting at the shooting ranges, but they would show me, and then they took the opportunity to touch here and there. In the end, a guy and I ended up on the side while the others quarreled over who got the highest score. I noticed that he gathered courage, and finally, he came up.

"Oh um, want to join me at the love tunnel?”

"Why not”, I said.

So we went away, and eventually, the others came running. We talked about where we were going, and they grinned.

It was so beautiful when we left on the boat through the tunnel. He put his arm around me when we traveled a bit, and suddenly, it became pitch black. I was a bit surprised, but he was not slow to take advantage of the darkness, and I felt his hand squeezing one of my tits. I didn´t say anything, I just got hornier from it. But then it brightened, and I yanked his hand away, and soon we went out from the tunnel, and the boat stopped.

Only two of the guys were left, and now one of them also wanted to go with me. So I went with him, and as soon as we arrived in the dark, he began to paw. He tried to kiss me and pressed his hand against my pussy, but it was not that exciting, so I drove him off.

The third guy was so shy he did not dare to ask when we were back.

"Don´t you also want to offer me a trip”, I asked him.

"Ok”, he said, blushing.

He sat stiff as a stick with me and dared not move. I took it as a challenge and put myself closer to him while I pulled down the zipper a bit.

"You have to hold me, so I don´t fall in the water”, I said and smiled at him.

Then he gently put his arm around my shoulders, and I felt he was very nervous. Maybe he had never held around a girl before. I thought I wanted to give him a memory, and as soon as we got to the darkness, I pulled down the zipper a bit before I took his hand and moved it into my cleavage. His hand trembled, but he began to hug one of my breasts frantically.

"Not so hard”, I whispered.

Then he caressed a little softer, and I felt my nipples stiffen. But unfortunately, we came out into the light, and I pulled up the zipper snapped as he almost got caught with his hand.

We laughed a little embarrassed when we both jumped out, and he walked with his hands in front of him to hide his condition.

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