10. School Nurse


One day last winter out on the playground at school, I fell on a patch of ice and hit the chest of a stick on a fence. It made a lot of pain and my friends thought I should go to the nurse so I did it.

Our nurse is really beautiful and I usually check out her ass as she walks by. Anyway, she asked me to come in and asked a little bit about what happened.

- Take off the shirt so i can take a look, she said to me when I told her about the accident.

I pulled the shirt and she felt on my stomach a little.

- I don’t see anything, she said. It is up here, I said, pointing at my left breast.

- Ok, then you'll take off the bra, she said.

So I did it.

- Well, there it has become a dirty mark, she said, and felt on the breast. Does it hurt there?

- Not so much now, I said.

- I'll rub a cream that takes away the pain and make it heal faster, she said.

She fetched a jar, and anointed on the breast and massaged. I felt I was getting horny from it and my nipples stiffened and sometimes her fingers touched the nipple and I could not help but sigh. She looked me in the eye and smiled.

- Does it feels good, she wondered.

- Mm, I said. I think I have a little pain in the right as well.

- Then we'll have to rub a little there also, she said, and smiled.

- Oh so nice, I said. Do you think my breasts are too small?

- No, they are really beautiful and they will probably grow some more. Look at me, I'm starting to get close to forty and have as small breasts like you, she said and stretched his coat.

- I would like to see. I said.

- Do you really want it, she said.

- Yep, I said.

- Nilla, she said in a low voice. If you like you could come home to me some day when my husband is away.

- I'd like that, I said

- You know what we do, we exchange email addresses so we can keep in touch there.

We wrote down the addresses on papers which we then switched.

- You better get dressed and go to the classroom now, she said.


Several weeks went and I din´t got any email, but then one day when I got home and checked there was one from her.

She wrote like this.

"Hey Nilla

We talked about that you could come and visit me. Tomorrow my husband go to a business trip and will be away until Friday. So Tuesday to Friday I'm at home by myself. If you want to come, answer what day it fits. You know where I live.

Hugs Isabel "


I answered like this.

"Hi Isabel. I will be happy to come tomorrow, Tuesday. At what time can I come? I can after four.

Hugs Nilla "


After a while I got her answer.

"Hello again. It is great that you will come tomorrow. But I'm not home until five, so if you can come at six it will be good.

Hugs "


I replied

"I will :)

Hugs "


When I came from school the day after I showered and went to various sexy lingerie. I felt so tingly when I thought of her hands on my breasts.

Time went by so slowly, but in the end the clock was half past five and I told my mom that I'm going to a friend.

- Ok, but do not be late, it's school again tomorrow, said mum.


Just before six, I stood at her door and before I pushed the doorbell she opened.

- I saw when you arrived, she said.

Then we started to laugh, because we had almost identical clothes on us, a short blue skirt and a white top. The only difference was that her skirt was patterned.

- Sit down on the couch, she said.

She had put up with peanuts and potato chips and soda. We sat and ate and talked about a lot of things but I just thought about what might happen later.

- Maybe I should check out your damage, she said suddenly.

- Yes, it's probably best, I said. Though it probably no longer visible.

- Can I help you out with the shirt, she said.

- Mm, I said.

She gently pulled the shirt and I turned my back so she could snap of the bra. She felt gently on my breast and looked closely.

- As new, she said, and kissed it.

- You wanted to see my, she said. Then you have to take of my bra.

I pulled off her shirt and undid her bra before she turned to me and I stared at them gorgeous. She had small breasts but with large warts and not as saggy as my mom's. My hand was drawn there like a magnet, and they were lovely to cuddle, and I felt the nipples were hard against my palms. I noticed that she closed her eyes and enjoyed.

- You may kiss them if you want, she whispered.

I bent forward and kissed them, sucked and licked nipples.

- So nice, she said, but now it's my turn.

- Lie down, she ordered.

I lay on my back and she knelt at the couch. Now she began to kiss me on the stomach, breasts and neck while she caressed with her hand. Then I felt her lips against mine and I answered the kiss and our tongues met. Meanwhile, I felt her hand stroking my thigh up under my skirt. I longed so for her to touch my pussy and finally I felt her hand at outside of my panties against my labia, where her fingers massaged.