1. Summer guest



I was thirteen and a half years when I lost my virginity. It was our neighbor guy who was one year older than me. We were not dear or so, we just agreed to help each other with the premiere. The day we had decided reunion was approaching and I was pretty nervous. When I was on the way to the barn in the woods where we decided to meet, I had butterflies in my stomach but I also felt horny and tingly.

He was already waiting when I arrived and I took up a blanket I had in a bag and spread out.

We said nothing and was first a little hesitant before I started to undress. He pulled off his pants and underwear and I saw his cock standing straight out. I lay down on the blanket and splayed my legs and he came over me. He pressed but did not find the hole so I had to help out so the cock started to penetrate. When he pressed so the whole cock went in I whimpered because I felt a stung in my pussy. But I was disappointed because he came almost immediately and pulled out his cock.

He pulled on his pants and said bye and disappeared. I lay there and thought about what had happened. I felt the pussy and got some blood on my fingers but I was not scared because I had read about what happens when you lose virginity. But it was nice when I stroked my fingers so I continued until I got orgasm.


After that day,I was almost always horny and the guys probably noticed that because I saw that they were checking me out much more than before.

Now I will tell you when I got my first orgasm with a man. One day came a summer visitors to a cabin that I took care off sometimes for the owners who lived far away. The owner had asked me to open and show the house for the tenants.

When I saw a car stop at the house, I ran there. But it was just a man who got out of the car. He was probably in his forties but I thought he was delicious. We were greeted and I locked up and gave him the key. He told me that his wife and children would come in a few days.

- My name is Kent by the way, he said.

- Nilla, I said.

I had minimal shorts and a low-cut shirt and I noticed that he was checking me out and I was getting horny.

- So where do you live, he wondered.

- Over there, I said, pointing.

- Can´t I see you later, he said. I need to freshen up and unpack.

- Yes, I said because I already enjoyed his company.

- Come at seven, he said.

- Ok, I said and went home.

When I was home in my room, I thought of Kent and got so horny so I had to fondle my pussy. But I stopped before I came because I thought maybe there would be something in the evening.

I still had the same clothes when I knocked on the door at seven. He opened with a white shirt that was unbuttoned a bit so the hair on his chest appeared. He also was wearing tight jeans and he asked me to come in.

- Glad you came, he said.

I saw that he had made himself at home and music streamed from a CD player.

- Sit down, he said.

When I sat down on the couch, he started asking me about the neighborhood. What sightseeing and shopping there is, and and I tried to remind me and told him what I knew of. While he sat on the edge of the table and looked down into my neck where my small breasts loomed.

- Would you like something to drink, he asked after a while.

- Yes, I said.

He disappeared into the kitchen and I heard a plop of a cork and I wondered what it was I would drink. When he came back he had two glasses with something red and he gave me one and sat down next to me.

- Do you drink wine, he asked.

- Yeah, I said boldly.

I was not so damn used to alcohol but I thought a glass would not be dangerous.

When he drank, I sipped gently, and felt it was strong. But while we were talking, I drank a little at a time and felt that I was relaxed after having been a little tense. He was so close that I felt the heat from his body and I felt the tingle in my stomach when I was sitting so close to a man.

- You are so sweet, he said suddenly and caressed my cheek with the back of his hand.

- Thanks, I said.

He let his arm to remain at the backrest behind me and soon I felt his hand on my shoulder. I shuddered as his fingers moved over my shoulder and then into the skin at the neck.

- Are you a horny girl, he asked, and I was a bit shocked by the question.

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