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1. The American Car


It was a Friday night in the summer holidays I was with a girlfriend and had fun. We played our favorite music and danced. Sometimes when it was a calm song we danced close together and hugged each other's butts while we pushed ourselves hard against each other. I felt I was very horny and wet when I felt her soft breasts against mine, and when I pressed my pussy against her thigh. Her cheeks were red and she looked horny and when I gently put my hand on one of her breasts, she did not protest. Unfortunately, her parents came home so we were interrupted and I decided to drive home.

I sat down on the mop and started driving home. But after just a mile the engine died. I tried desperately to start but it was no life in it anymore and finally I checked the tank and there it was completely empty. I had forgotten to refill. There I stood in the middle of the night in the dark and did not know what I would do. I started to push the scooter back home but I was so tired so I sat on the saddle and almost started crying. Then I heard a car approaching so I stood up and waved as it came closer. I saw that there was a big American car, full of guys, when the driver rolled down the window .

- Do you need help the driver asked.

I recognized him and I remembered that his name was Mark, and we had spoken with each other a few times.

- Yes, I said. Do you have gasoline I can borrow .

- No I have not, but we can give you a ride home, he said.

- Thanks, I said.

- Come on guys, let us put the mop in the luggage, he told the others.

It was so large that almost all of the moped went inside. Then they jumped back and Mark said I could squeeze me into the back.

- You get to sit in my lap, told the guy in the middle.

I said hello to everyone and sat down sideways on his lap and he put his hand over my thighs.

All the guys were dressed in jeans and a denim jacket and I was wearing jeans skirt and denim jacket so I melted into. During jeans clothes, I had a white blouse and white leggings.

It was so hot in the car so I lurched off my jacket and put it on the parcel shelf.

The guy in who´s lap i sat was blond and looked good while he to the right of me was a little red-haired, and him behind me had dark long hair. The guy up along with Mark, I was knowing a little bit. His name was Jens and had a reputation among the girls to have big cock .

The guy I sat with lifted his hand away from my thighs after a while, stroking back his hair. Then he gently put his hand on my stomach and when I didn't protest, he began stroking with his fingers. I was already horny from before so I was even more tingly when I felt his hand move, and I felt his fingers getting trapped between the buttons of my blouse.

The guy to my right started to rub my shins resting against his knee, and after a while I felt the guy behind me stroking my back. Jens also began to get interested and turned around all the time and checked out what was going on back there.

The hand on my stomach had now managed to unbutton a few buttons on my blouse so the whole hand come in and behind me started that guy pull up my blouse out of the skirt. The guy to the right now caressed my leg up to the thigh and I enjoyed three hands on my body. Behind me had a hand reached under my blouse and caressed my back. At the same time I felt a cock grow against my back.

Now I felt a hand on to my second thighs. It was Jens who reached his hand between the front seats and caressed on my skirt.

The hand on my stomach end up and squeezed one of my breasts but it was a bit crowded under the blouse so he undid the rest of the buttons. He behind now got better place and in a moment he had buttoned up the clasp of the bra, before he put his hand under my arm and grabbed my left breast while he in the middle was stroking my right.

I noticed that we passed the house where I live but I did not want to cancel now when I felt so good.

Mark sat and watched in the rear view mirror and swerved when he saw my breasts exposed.

- Mark, keep your eyes on the road or stop, I said.

- Ok, he said, and slowed down.

I groaned when he to the right pressed his fingers against my pussy and also Jens fiddled around there. The guy behind me pulled off my blouse and bra followed shortly after.

While Mark turned onto a small road and stopped so began the guy on the right pull my leggings. I lifted my butt so he with help of Jens pulled them down to my knees. Then they caressed my thighs up to my pussy where the panties now become wet.

- The bonnet is hot and nice now, Mark said. Want to put you there so we can make it good for you?

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