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12. The Banana

One day last summer when I had nothing to do, I took the bus into town. I was wearing a short skirt and a rather low-cut top with a thin jacket. On the axle hung my little purse with a little makeup and my empty purse. Well I had so much money so it would be enough for a snack after I paid the bus fare. But I had also put in a fruit if I was going to be hungry.

The bus stopped frequently so the journey took time, and I already started to get hungry. After a while I noticed a man sitting on a backwards seat diagonally in front of me, sat and looked at me occasionally. I gave him a smile when our eyes met. He looked quite youthful, long and narrow. But his dark hair had some gray hair at the temples. His blue eyes were really sexy, I thought, and it tingled in me.

With some effort, I got out the big banana I packed my little bag, and peeled it. I saw that the man was looking at me when I bit off a piece and then I could not help but insert banana between my lips far into my mouth as if it were a cock. He looked wide-eyed at me as I sucked and licked on the banana and then he smiled at me and winked. As I continued to eat the banana so sexy I could, he put his legs crossed and I understood that he had erection. Eventually the banana was so gooey so I had to swallow it.

Then I took off my jacket, rolled it up and placed behind the neck. As I sank into the chair, I saw that he was looking at my top where my small breasts were bulging. I had become really horny now and felt I got wet.

After a while we arrived at the main station and I set off towards the shopping center. The man from the bus was gone so I thought no more of him, but went and fantasized about the boys I saw and became even hornier. I also checked in the girls because I get hot on them too. When I tried some clothes, I peeked into the other test cabs and saw some bare skin. I had to rub my pussy a little and felt how swollen and sensitive labia were.

Eventually I went to a cafeteria because I needed something to drink.

- Hey, I heard a voice just as I went into.

It was the man from the bus that suddenly stood behind me.

- Hey, I said, blushing a little as I thought about what I've done in the bus.

I wondered if he followed me or he just happened to see me.

- Can I buy you a coffee, he asked.

- Ok, I said. Complimentary refreshments are never wrong.

While we were standing in the queue, he introduced himself as Peter.

- Nilla, I said and curtsied.

He laughed as he picked at a large cream cake.

- Do you want such as well, he wondered.

- Yes, I said.

We found a table in a corner and began to taste the cakes.

- You were so lovely on the bus, he said.

I just laughed a little embarrassed, but felt the tingle in my stomach. Then we talked about some general information about what we used to do. I talked about what I did in school, and he told me that he was working in an office. It was actually closed for the holiday but he needed to work with some paper. His wife had the car so he had to take the bus.

- Have you already been there, I asked.

- No, not yet, he said.

- I've looked at clothes, I said.

- I know, he said. I could not help but follow you. You are not mad?

- No, I said.

Instead, I felt a little flattered.

Suddenly I got a lot of cream on my finger and licked it off.

- Let me see, he said and took my hand.

- It's a little cream left here, I think, he said and stuck my finger in his mouth and sucked.

Then only he happened to get cream on his forefinger and stretched it to me. After I checked so that no one looked in our direction, I took hold of his hand and licked the cream before I sucked a little on his finger. As I sat so stooping down, he looked interested in my cleavage.

- Would you go with me to the office, he asked gently.

- I do not know, I said and imagined a bunch of people at the desk.

- There is no one who works there now so unless you have something specific to do, you are welcome.

It appealed to me to be alone with him so I said yes. So when we finished the coffee we went and after just a block away, he opened the door of a house and we took the elevator up a few floors. He took out a key and unlocked the door and we got into a big bright room with desks with computer screens. He walked over to a desk and turned on the computer.

- You can surf a bit here while I get some work done, he said.

Then he disappeared and I went in to my hotmail and answered a few emails before I noticed that he was standing behind me. When I smiled at him, he came closer and put his hands on my shoulders. When I leaned back, he began massaging.

- Phew, I said, and pulled down the top of the upper arm so the shoulders were bare.

He massaged good and the hands moved further down towards my breasts. Finally one hand find the way under the shirt and felt my one breast outside my thin cotton bra.

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