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5. The Campground

The first day at Dan´s vacation, he came and pick me up in the car. We would go to the west coast and camp for a week. When we got to the campground it was full but we found a place in a slump between some trees and a large caravan. Behind was a shrubbery.

We laid out our little tent while the couple in the caravan looked at us. Dan was wearing shorts and I had a bikini.

- Last one in the water is a pot, I screamed and ran towards the beach.

Dan was soon caught up and took my hand as we ran right out into the water. It was a little chilly at first but then it was nice. We swam for a while, then showered away the salt and went back to the tent. It was so hard into the ground so it was almost impossible to put down the tent pegs, and we had no good banging.

- Do you want to borrow a hammer, the man shout from the caravan.

- Yes, it would be great, Dan said and walked away.

Soon he was back and knocked down the pins in no time. I went back with the hammer and thanked for the loan, at the time I checked his hairy torso. He looked that he was around fifty but looked pretty fresh. I saw that he checked me too when he presented himself as Roland.

- But call me Rolle, he said, and this is my wife Gunilla but is called Nilla he said as she came out of the caravan.

- I also called Nilla, I said and laughed.

- So fun, she said. Hi Nilla.

- Hi Nilla, I said. My boyfriend called Dan.

- Hi Dan, they shouted and waved.

He was finished with the tent and came to us.

- This is Rolle and Nilla, I said.

- Another Nilla, said Dan, smiling at her.

She looked to be much younger than him. Perhaps she was thirty-five years old and quite beautiful with blonde hair. But you did not see as much of her figure because she had baggy workout clothes on herself. It was getting evening so it felt a little cool.

- Well i have to take on some clothes, it's getting cold, I said. See you.

Then we went to the tent and got dressed before we went to the cafeteria and ate supper.

Later, as we brushed our teeth and so, we crawled into the tent full and happy. We had put together two sleeping bags so we could sleep tightly together. Soon we making loved and I could not help but moan out loud when i approached my orgasm. We lay in the missionary position and I had a firm grip on his buttocks and pushed him against my sex. I was unable to hold back a little cry when I came, and soon after he also came with a groan.

Then we slept well all night.

When we woke up next morning we decided to go into the city. There I saw a shop selling sex toys.

- Shall we go in and check, I said.

- Ok, he said.

There were lots of different things in all sorts of shapes and colors. I went and tried the different dildos and Dan seemed a little embarrassed. I just laughed and showed him a red thing that was shaped like a cock. It hummed softly when I turned it on.

- It is similar to yours, I whispered.

- Do you want one of those, he asked.

- It might be fun to try, I said.

So he took it and went and paid. When we would go as I saw bottles of massage oils in different flavors.

- Don´t we want someone like that too, I said.

- But what flavor he asked.

- Maybe strawberry, I said. But you get to choose.

So he took a bottle and went and paid. On the way back to the campsite, I opened the package with the dildo and put in the batteries. Then I turned on and held it to my cheek, then against Dan's cheek.

- It vibrates nice, he said.

Then I held it against one nipple and it felt good, and then I put it between my legs and it tickled so good.

- Yes it does after all, I said, and laughed. I want to test it tonight.

Then I put it in the glove compartment of the car. When we got to the tent, we saw the couple who sat and sunbathed outside the caravan. We waved to them and said hello.

I put on bikini and Dan shorts and we lay on a blanket outside the tent and sunbathed. I glanced toward Gunilla over there and saw that she had a beautiful figure, bite-sized breasts, I guessed b or c cup. She had a nice belly that bulged out a bit moderate and heavy thighs. Then I checked out the man who had little graying curly hair. Chest looked fitter and full of hair, and even legs were hairy and pretty sharp. Saw that he looked in our direction now and then.

After we sunbathed for a while, we became so hot so we went down to the water and took a bath. We lay bathed for a while before we went sunbathing at our tent. I fell asleep but woke up when the sun rose in clouds and we decided to go and eat. When we came back we heard that it began to rumble and the horizon became black.

- We better go and brush our teeth before it starts to rain, Dan said.

On the way back we felt the first drops so we ran to the tent and ducked into. We undressed in underwear and crawled under the covers and listened how the thunder came closer and closer. I'm a little afraid of thunder so I curled up in his arms and closed my eyes. We lay like that about an hour but suddenly it was a terrible noise from the rain poured down on the roof. It went on and on and we felt that it began to sprinkle through the tent fabric. Then I felt that I got wet on my back and when I looked behind me I saw the water rose inside the tent. I just rushed out of the tent and screamed and Dan came after and splashed through the pond formed just where we pitched the tent.

- Dan and Nilla, come here, we heard Rolle shout from the caravan.

We immediately ran over there and got into the hot bright caravan. We stood there in underwear and I with my hands over my tits because I had no bra. Water dripped from us when Gunilla came with beach towels so we could wipe us. Then she took out two robes and gave us.

- Take off your underwear and I'll hang them up to dry, she said.

I hung the coat over my shoulders and took off the panties and gave her. Then I pulled on the coat and tied the sash on the waist.

- It´s kind of you, I said.

- That's the least we can do for you wretch who was getting soaked, Rolle said

- Our children are not here now so we have two vacant beds for you, Gunilla said.

- Yes, but we can sleep in the car, Dan said.

- Out of the question said Rolle. Sit down now I'll see if we have something to warming you up.

Gunilla was already sitting and moved in so I could take place beside her. Dan sat down on the bench opposite. Rolle soon arrived with a bottle of Jägermeister and four glasses and sat down beside Dan opposite me.

- This is good for colds, he said and laughed as he poured out the large glass.

- It was really good, I said as I sipped it.

- What a nice caravan you have, Dan said.

- Yes, and so large it is, I said.

- Which, said Rolle and grinned.

- The caravan of course, I said and laughed.

I was in a good mood again and the booze was warming.

- Well sometimes when the kids are here it´s not too big, but when we are ourselves it´s unnecessary, said Gunilla.

- How many children do you have, I asked.

- I have a guy who is twenty-one, said Rolle from my previous marriage, and Gunilla has a daughter of fourteen who is with her father now.

- Do you go around with this, Dan wondered.

- No, we put it here in the early summer, then we'll come as often we can.

I soon began to feel the booze and moreover I felt horny. And the conversation was getting a little bolder with much allude to sex. Rolle had a lot of dirty jokes like this one :

"Olle had had a taste of the rice, but he was happy anyway because it was namely the wife clito rice he had been given!"

I laughed as I jumped and bathrobe slid apart more and more. I pulled it together sometimes when I saw Rolles glances, but soon slid it apart again.

- Maybe we should save power Rolle, said Gunilla. Give me the lighter so we light a candle instead.

He picked it up and gave it to Gunilla before he turned off the electric so it became a bit dark. I could still see it flashed in the sky far away. When I looked at Gunilla I thought décolletage become larger. She had the zipper in the shirt and somehow it had slipped down and Danny watched with interest to her. In the darkness under the table, I felt Rolles feet against mine, but I let it remain.

Gunilla told me that they used to hang out with another couple in a caravan over there, but they are now gone home.

- Group sex, it slipped out of me, but they just laughed.

- We heard you last night, said Rolle. We heard that you had it good.

- We did not think it could be heard as well by the congregation, said Dan.

- But it was good to hear, said Gunilla. We also got to snuggle down and make love afterward.

- Then we did something good, I said and grinned.

Then Rolle continued to tell funny sexy stories.

- What is the difference between your wife and your job after five years?

- The job still sucks.

We laughed.

- What are the small knobbly around the woman's nipples for?

- It's blind language for "suck here".

- Haha, so it is not here, I said, and took my hand on one of my breasts.

- Oh, what is it then, wondered Rolle.

- Lick here, I said and grinned.

- Does it, said Gunilla. Can I read?

- Sure, I said, and she stretched out her hand and fingering my nipple that began stiffen.

- Yes indeed, she said.....

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