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8 The Canoe Tour

Earlier this summer I and my boyfriend decided to rent a canoe and paddle a few days. We booked a canoe in three days so we could sleep on canoe camping two nights.

The canoe host showed how we could do with the equipment and gave us a map. He told us that a colleague would come and pick us up after three days and told us to call and tell how far we have come.

The tour would go through a river and some lakes and we started gently paddling after we packed the equipment in the canoe. It was wonderful to silently glide through the water and hear only the chirping of birds and some rustling in the leaves of the trees that lined the river.

After we paddled half the day we were pretty tired and set up our tent on a canoe camping along with the stream. Soon a bunch of Danes came and put up their tents and we talked a bit with them. Eventually they packed up a pack of beer and wondered if we would like to join them. We received a beer and sat with them. The beer was strong and soon the atmosphere became feverish and I began to understand the language.

The gang consisted of two couples and two single guys and the guys started to get more and more interested in me. They gave us more beer but I took it easy and drank slowly. Dan however soon began to get drunk and I was afraid he would not fuck me later because I was horny.

- Do not drink too much because you may not handle me tonight, I said and pushed to Dan.

- Don´t worry, he said.

- Otherwise I can help, said one of the other guys.

- Or I, said the other.

- There you are, said Dan, laughing. It always works out.

Eventually, the two pairs went to sleep in their tents while the two boys still sat there and flirted with me. Dan yawned and looked like he would fall asleep but I was horny and not sleepy at all. The Danes tried to coax me more beer but I just sipped because I felt I was dizzy. One of the Danes started to look really delicious, and I became more and more horny.

When Dan went to the toilet standing some distance away, I went down to the beach and washed my face and when I turned around while I wiped my face, I saw one Dane standing next to me.

- What delights you are, he said.

- Thanks, I said.

- Can I pull down the zipper, he asked, pointing at my shirt.

- Just a little bit then, I said, and giggled.

He pulled down a bit and then some more as he saw that I was without a bra. Then he lifted the shirt and peered into my breast.

- Oh, can I touch, he asked.

- Quickly then before Dan will come, I said.

He stuck his hand and squeezed one breast so nice but then I pulled his hand away and pulled up the zipper because I saw that Dan was approaching.

- If he falls asleep, you may well come out, asked the guy. I'll wait here.

- I'll see, I said and went back to the tent.

After that I also visited the bathroom and brushed my teeth with water from our water container and then I crawled down naked along with Dan. But when I crouched next to him, I heard he's already was asleep. I was disappointed because I was terribly horny and then I thought of the Danish guy. Should I dare go out to him? While I found the courage i stroked myself so I was even more hungry for cock.

Finally, I crawled out of my sleeping bag and pulled on my pants and shirt and gently opened the tent and crawled out. Down at the beach, I saw a shadow and snuck over there and sat down with him without saying a word.

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