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7. The Crayfish Party


It was in August, a warm summer evening as my parents arranged a crayfish party. They had invited a lot of people, both neighbors, friends and relatives. We had put up a long table in the garden and hung lights in tree branches so it was really cozy when it was getting dark.

Almost everyone invited was couples, but a work-mate to my dad who came alone because he was recently divorced. So that’s why I end up as his dinner partner. Peter was nice and did not look too bad for being over forty. He was quite slim with normal length, and was wearing a plaid shirt and dark pants. Personally, I had a white top and a red rather short skirt.

When we started munching as he poured wine for me and I did not protest. I looked over at my mom, but she was very busy with other things, so she saw nothing. I took a sip and felt the warmth spread in me.

The two of us sat on the short side of the table so we had no one besides us, and it was lucky soon after that it getting dark began Peter get a little rowdy. He had been drinking schnapps to the crayfish too so he started to get a little drunk. We only had candles on the tables and some lights up in the trees so no one could see what was happening in the gloom under the table.

I was not used to drinking so I felt the wine though I only drank a glass.

Sometimes he put his hand on my thigh and squeezed a little and at the beginning I pulled aside the leg, but after I became more and more influenced by the wine, I thought it was nice to feel his hand there. My short skirt slid up all the time so sometimes i felt his hand on my bare skin and it felt jittery.

When it was time for dessert we was served a dessert wine and it was so good so I drank two glasses of that too, and my inhibitions began releasing completely. I pulled up my skirt almost to the crotch so he could fondle my thighs and I was so horny so it pounded in my pussy. Sometimes I took the opportunity to pinch him a little on the topside. Finally, he dared himself up and felt my pussy outside panty, and I winced as he pressed his fingers against the gap.

But then I became so dizzy and felt almost a little nausea so I had to go from there. I went out in the small village road that goes past and strolled forward while I thought of Peter who made me so horny. When I walked past a small house that the neighbor rent to summer visitors, I saw through a crack in the curtain that someone touched herself inside. I stopped and looked curiously and saw a half-naked girl from behind and then I saw another one. The naked girl was about to unbutton the bra on the other, and I got to see two plump breasts when she turned around. I was so fascinated to see them and could not help but put my hand under my shirt and caress my own breasts. When the girl stroked the panties also on the other while she kissed the stomach, I pulled up my skirt and stuck my hand in my panties and massaged my pussy which was quite damp of horniness.

Suddenly I heard steps and I crouched behind a bush. When the person walked past, I saw that it was Peter so I sneaked after him.

- What are you doing here, I whispered when I caught up with him.

- I wondered where you went, he whispered back. But why are we whispering?

- Come, I'll show you, I said and took him by the hand and pulled him to the spot where I had seen the girls. When we got there they seemed to have disappeared so I was a little disappointed, but then I moved and saw them sitting on a couch, completely naked, and fondle each other. I showed Peter and he walked closer to the window, but I grabbed him so he would not reveal us. Then he placed himself behind me and put his arms around my waist as we saw in both. I grabbed his hands and pulled him closer to me as I felt his warm body against my back and it was not long before I felt something get hard against my butt. When I let go of his hands, he began to caress me over my stomach while we saw how one girl kissed and licked the other girl's breast. His hands were now close to my breast and I longed to feel them there. Soon, he hugged my breasts gently and I sighed quietly.

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