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3 The Farmer

This happened a day at the last summer holidays. I had gone to the beach in the morning sunbathing and swimming a few hours. When I was driving home suddenly my scooter stopped. I had nothing else to do but to start pushing it home. I pushed and swore when I suddenly heard a voice.

- Problems, I heard a man asked.

When I looked out the side of the road I saw the farmer who lives some distance from us. He was putting up a fence.

- The engine stopped, I said sourly.

He got up on the road and walked up to me.

- Shall I test, he asked.

- Yes please, I said.

He tried a few times before he looked in the tank.

- The tank's empty, he said.

- What, I said. I filled up last week.

- You have a bad fuel hose, he said. It has probably sipping out.

- Yes, I saw that it dripped a little before, I said.

- I have such a hose at home, he said. If you follow me, you can get a bite and a liter of petrol so you don´t need to push it all the way home.

- Ok, I said. Nice of you.

- We go through the grove there, he said, pointing. It is closest.

So I followed him onto a path among trees. I almost felt a little tingly when I looked at his tight ass in front of me.

After a little while he stopped suddenly, so I went into him. He put his finger to his lips and I listened. Now, I heard some noise and I thought it was an animal that sounds like that. It sounded like someone was moaning and farmer sneaked closer to the sound and I followed silently behind. Then we saw them through a gap in the trees. In a clearing stood a man with trousers pulled down and a girl standing on her knees and sucked his cock. I wanted to get closer but the farmer grabbed me and hold me back.

- We better leave them in peace, he whispered in my ear.

I was now standing in front of him while he kept a hand on my waist.

- Let's check out a bit, I whispered.

I had become quite wet by the sight so I thought that now becomes my panties wet. But then I remembered that I didn't was wearing bra or panties under the dress. I had gone to the beach in bikini and then I had taken it off because it was wet before I went home.

The couple there had now begun to tear off each other's clothes and I got to see the man's towering cock standing straight out and gently blowing. The glans glistened in the sun and soon had he got off the girl's bra so I saw a couple of big breasts with large areolas. The man hugged and kissed her breasts before he sank to his knees and pulled off her skirt and panties so she was completely naked.

When he started licking her pussy, I felt something hard against my butt and realized that the farmer got erection, so I pressed myself against him. He took both his arms around my waist and began to caress my stomach up.

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