5. The Grocery


One day in the summer holidays, I thought to surprise my parents to cook dinner until they got off work. So this morning I started to check out recipes and decided to make pasta bolognese. It was many ingredients that were taken so I had to act. Mom had had left me some money so I stuffed them in the pocket of my skirt and started my scooter. In addition to the short skirt, I had only a low-cut top and I had skipped the bra. I was horny in the morning, and had planned to skip the panties too but luckily I put them on.

When I come up in some speed the skirt was blowing up so I had to sit and hold it with one hand. But when I had to switch gear, I had to keep both hands on the handlebars and every time the skirt flew up . One time it happened when I passed an elderly man who walked along the road. He stared at me and smiled. I smiled back and felt that I was horny again.


Next time my skirt went up was when a car overtook me and I saw that the man who ran looked in the rear view mirror. He can see a little bit, I thought, and waited to hold down my skirt.

When I got to the grocery store, I saw that the same car standing outside and the man that was driving was entering she store. He was casually dressed in a blue t-shirt and white pants.

After I parked the scooter and entered the shop, I could not see him. After I found a trolly I picked up some tomatoes and some other things before I came to the onions.

There I met the man from the car and he smiled at me and I smiled back. He actually looked quite nice and I had never seen him before. When I bent down and picked among the onions, I felt his eyes on my back that bulged. The skirt was short, so maybe he caught a glimpse of my panties and that thought made me very horny. Then I went to the meat counter and stood long and hesitated and did not mince which I would take. I raised a packet and laid back, then I took the next and laid back.

- Can´t you decide, I heard an amused voice behind me.

It was the man from the car again who apparently followed me.

- I do not really know what mince I should have, I said.

- What will you cook, he wondered.

- Pasta bolognese, I said.

- Oh, it's my favorite, he said. Then you should have this.

He picked up a package and gave me.

- Thank you, I said and put it in the basket.

- Do you have any good recipes then, he wondered.

- If it's good I do not know, I said. I've never done it before.

- Will you have guests, he wondered.

- No. I was going to surprise my parents, I said.

- I have my own recipe that I received a lot of praise, he said. You can get it if you want.

- That's nice, I said. If it's not too complicated.

- It's a little more advanced than usual, he said.

- Then I do not know if I can do it, I said. I'm not so used to cooking.

- I could help you if you want, he said. I have nothing to do, I'm here on vacation.

- No, I can´t accept, I said.

- Do you live in the direction you came from, he wondered?

- Yep, I said.

- Do you know where Brotorpet is, he wondered.

- I think so, it’s not so far from home, I said.

- I rent it for a few weeks, he said.

While we talked, I saw him glance down my neckline and it made me tingly.

I studied him and thought he was quite attractive. He had little stomach but otherwise he seemed fresh. He was a few inches longer than me and a had a few gray hairs at the temples. His eyes were warm and gray-blue.

- Good, I said.

- If you stop there, you can get the recipe, he said, or you can come in and we'll fix it together.

- Yes, I do, I said.

- If you are done shopping, you can follow me then, he said.

- Ok, but my scooter does not go so fast, I said.

- I drive slowly, he said.

So we went to the checkout and paid, and when I came out he was already in the car. After I started the scooter he drove slowly away, and I followed. The skirt went up occasionally but I did not mind because I had been horny at the man the car in the front.

After a while he turned off to a small gravel road and soon we arrived at a small red house that I have seen sometimes from the road. He parked and I stood next to the scooter.

- What do you say, he wondered. Will you take the recipe or should I help you?

- If you want to help me so, I'm grateful, I said.

- Bring the goods in, he said, and opened the door.


It was a low ceiling when I came in but cozy and the kitchen was modern. He took my bag and placed it on the bench.

- I'm going to present myself, he said. My name is Matti and comes from Västerås. I have rented this house for a little peace and quiet at my vacation.

He also told me that cooking was his hobby.

- My name is Nilla, I said, and I live a bit further away with my parents.

- I did not know it were so cute girls in Småland, he said.

- I'm not pretty, I said, but smiled sweetly at him.

- You are the prettiest I've seen for a long time, he said.

- Thanks, I said.

- Especially when her skirt blew up, he said, and smiled broadly.

- Can believe that, I said and laughed.

- Nah now we start to cook and not think about your legs because then I get strange, he said, and laughed.


I felt like we had known each other a long time though we just met. He took out his prescription from a book and we started and the first thing I did was to drop tomato sauce on the skirt.

- Oops, he said, and wiped it off with a paper.

He went and got an apron.

- Give me the skirt, he said. I know how to remove these stains.

I hesitated a bit.

- I can close my eyes, he said, and smiled.

But I buttoned up and stepped out of my skirt and gave him.

Luckily I took the panties, I thought.


Then he hung apron around my neck and stood behind me and tied straps. Here is a stranger behind me and I stand in just my panties, I thought. But I was so horny and could feel he glance on my ass with only the small panties. He disappeared with my skirt, but was soon back.

Then we continued to cook and I started to peel onions. Matti sang on a song I never heard before, but he had a nice voice. My tears began to flow after I peeled for a while, and I dropped the onions on the floor several times. I made sure to bend me down so my ass pointed at him every time I picked up the onions, and when I glanced towards his crotch, I saw that there were bulging.

But finally I was finished with the onion and would wipe the tears but I forgot to wash my hands first so it stung and I cried. He came right away and washed my eyes with a wet towel so water was running down the neck of me and my shirt got wet.

- Oh sorry, he said. Now I soaked the whole you.

- It was my fault, I said. I'm so clumsy.

- No, it happened to me as well, he said. You can hang your shirt up to dry there if you want.

He pointed to one of those towel sitting on the wall.

- But I have no bra on, I said.

- I can close my eyes, he said, and smiled.

So I turned my back to him and lifted the apron and pulled the shirt and then put back the apron. It barely covered my breasts but what the hell, I thought, he could see little.

- Fancy, he said when I turned around.