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6 The Masseur

One day mother asked me to go and buy eggs because she was about to bake. I did not like so I was a bit annoyed but after some nagging I said yes.

- But you must hurry, she cried, when I went a little slow out.

- Yes yes, I mumbled.

So I took the bike and pedaled off at full speed. Suddenly there appeared a man on a street corner and I could not slow down so I drove right at him. I fell off the bike and landed on the butt and he also fell down. I moaned a little and took me on the butt, but when I looked at his hand I was chocked for it bled a lot from it.

- Oh sorry, I said. Ouch, you are bleeding much.

- It's all right, he said. I cut myself a little on the bike.

He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away the blood and spun it around his hand then.

- How did it go with you? You seem to be in pain.

- I landed on my butt, I said. It will go over.

Now I looked at his face. I had seen him before several times and thought he looked very good. Though he was far too old for me.

- It was lucky that I not was on the way home from the shop, I said and laughed.

- Why, he asked.

- Well I'll buy eggs at a mom. I better hurry, I said, and hobbled away to the bike.

- You have pain, he said worried. I am a trained masseur so if you want a little massage, let me know.

- Ok, I said.

He gave me a card with his address and e-mail. His name was David and I told him my name, before I rode off and bought them damn eggs.

- I rode on an old man, I said when I got home.

- No, what happened? Are you hurt?

- Have a little pain in the butt, but he was bleeding from his hand. But he was not angry fortunately.

- It was lucky, said Mum.

Later that evening, I sat at the computer, I thought of the card I got from the man. Maybe I should send an email.

I wrote this.

"Hello David. I'm sorry I ran over you. How is the hand?"

The next day, I got answers.

"Hello Nilla. The hand is good. It looked worse than it was. What about you? Would you like a free massage?"

I felt tingly when I wrote back.

"Hi David. I've actually never had a massage so it could be fun to try. I have not such a pain in the butt anymore but anyway."

He replied:

"Hello again. You're very welcome. Do you have summer vacation now so you can come in the middle of the day? If so, can you come tomorrow afternoon at. two o´clock?"

I replied that I will.


I went next day after I had a shower and put on my bra, panties, skirt and blouse. He lived not far away so it took only a few minutes with the bike. He opened shortly after I rang the doorbell and looked appreciatively at me.

- You look great, he said.

- Thanks, I said.

He looked really handsome in white shirt and white pants. I saw a bandage on his hand so I grabbed it and looked.

- How is the hand I asked.

- Very well, he said. Come and I'll show you the massage table. Would you like something to drink first?

- No thanks, I said, maybe later.

I was so curious about the massage so I wanted to start as soon as possible.

- Ok, undress and lie down on the bench with your face in the hole there. I'll get some oil, he said, and went into another room. I took off the skirt and blouse and put me down as he said.

- You have to take off the bra, he said when he came back. But the panties you can keep if you wish.

So I undid the bra band and he started massaging the back. It was really nice and relaxing and I almost fell asleep, but soon I started to get horny to feel his hands everywhere.

- I'm pulling down the panties a bit just so I can massage your lower back, he said.

- Ok, I mumbled.

Had he wished he could pull them off them entirely, I thought, when I felt his hands on the buttocks.

Now he was down to my legs and when he came up on the thighs I could barely stay still.

- So now you can turn, he said.

So I turned on my back but kept my hands on my breasts.

- You not need be embarrassed to show your breasts, he said. I've seen hundreds.

- Ok, I said and took my hands away.

I enjoyed fully when he massaged the front. He avoided massaging the breasts, but I still felt that the nipples were stiff and sometimes he happened to touch a bit on them and it went like shock me. When I looked up I saw that there were bulging in his pants and it made me even hornier......

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