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10. Uncle Anders

There was a day last spring as my uncle Anders came to visit a little unexpected. He really lived 200 km from us but had been on a course nearby. He has a daughter who is a year younger than me and a son who is a little older. I've always liked him and his daughter and I always have fun when we get together. The son, however, I've always thought he was cocky and we almost fighting sometimes. But now it was a long time since I met them.

- You can come along, Nilla, said uncle as we sat and talked at the kitchen table.

- Is Lisa at home then, I wondered.

- Yes I think so, he said. I can call and ask.

- But how will I get home, I wondered.

- It'll be okay. You've also spring break next week ?

- Yes, I have, I said.

He called and talked to his wife first, and then I heard him ask Lisa if he would bring Nilla home.

Yes, I heard her cry, and I smiled.

- Yes, she was happy, he said as he hung up.

- Is it okay for you if she come with me, he asked my parents.

They had nothing against it. Would think that they thought it was great not to have me around for a while.

So I ran to my room and packed some clothes and little else I could need in a bag. I did not bother to change clothes. I was bare-legged in a short skirt and a t-shirt. I just took a jacket on my shoulders and said goodbye to my parents before I jumped into my uncle's big car. It was a bit chilly on the legs first and I regretted that I did not take long trousers. But soon we had received heat in the car and I was feeling good.

- Select the station you want to listen to, he said, and I switched on the radio until I got into a bit of modern music.

It had already become dark outside and I was a bit sleepy as I sat in the heat. My head fell forward sometimes when I dozed off.

- Sit back if you want to sleep a little, he said when he noticed it. There is a lever to the right so you can recline the backrest.

I took it and fell backwards a bit. Then I slid down so I had head support. I did not think of that my skirt slid up while because I was so sleepy and I fell asleep bums to the monotonous hum of the car.

I do not know how long I slept, when I suddenly woke up and I felt something on my thigh. As I slowly came to realize where I was so I opened my eyes and saw uncle's hand on my thigh. Cautiously, I glanced up at him, but he stared straight ahead at the road. The thoughts whirled in my head and I thought, what is he doing. He's my uncle. But I did not move and instead I felt a pang of horniness when his hand infinitely gently caressed my inner thigh. I saw that my skirt was slid up almost to the edge of my panties and understood that he had seen it and become horny.

After a while, I had become more and more horny and pretended to change position during sleep by sliding down even more and fold out the legs. He jerked his hand away immediately and I was afraid of not getting to know it again. But when I lay still for a while, I felt his hand careful placed on the thigh and stroking lightly. My knee was almost up to the shift lever so he had my thigh near him. Of the situation, I was so horny so I felt it flow in my pussy and I wished he would fondle all the way up.

My wish came true for now his hand moved closer and closer to my pussy.

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